Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Elly Tran Ha Pictures And Videos

Elly Tran Ha - A Rather Vietnamese Woman Next Door

She is a unusual blend of an angelic experience, youthful innocence, a petite but curvy figure.

She is a Vietnamese girl that became absolutely popular due to possessing her photographs circulated on the internetlike

a meme. Personally I get a hold of she is the unusual elegance that won't require any makeup. You will find tonnes of

her stuff on the website so I'll attempt to be absolutely selective and only display you the very best stuff, in my

humble opinion of course.

The most up-to-date news on Elly Kim Hong is that aside from currently being a picture shoot model, and some cameo roles

in some asia films, she can go into singing. Here's to a great deal more magnificent news on her progress.

By the way I've involved her title in Chinese characters in the title of this lens. The Chinese characters translate

phonetically to Wan Kim Hong, the first of all character is her relatives surname, the subsequent 2 characters signifies

Gold Red. To help you get a hold of even a great deal more of her you might be ready to just copy the Chinese characters

and lookup away. Do consider to give feedback on the guest guide and you are welcome to propose a favorite picture,

video or news of Elly Kim Hong, a.k.a. Elly Tran Ha ...


  1. I think elly tran ha is hot.. But i think you are much cuter Betty Green. Got facebook? :)

  2. To be honest. She is pretty but I've seen much prettier girls out there with no make up and computer editing.